About Barnabas Ministries International

The Purpose of Barnabas Ministries International

Barnabas Ministries International is named after the first century disciple whose story begins in Acts 4:36. He was a man who lived to serve others. His name meant “son of consolation” or “encourager”. Like Barnabas, we desire to serve others by helping encourage, enrich, edify, and educate. We have counselors, educators, and most of all encouragers who respond to the particular needs of today’s pastors and their families. Our organization is supported by the gifts and donations* of the people who believe in the purpose and vision of our ministry.

The Barnabas Ministries International Endeavor

B.M.I endeavors to take the love of Christ to hurting pastors and their families, find a neutral meeting place where pastors and their families feel safe to share their heart, and to help churches learn how to provide encouragement for their pastors. Through annual conferences this ministry is reaching thousands of clergy and their spouses, creating opportunities for ministers to make Kingdom connections.

The History of BMI

Being a pastor for many years himself, Dr. Ely had always had a heart for helping other pastors and their families. After much prayer and fasting with his wife Carol about God's direction for their ministry, it was apparent that God was burdening them to launch out by faith in pursuing their passion in reaching this sect of ministry. One resounding theme kept tugging at their heart and soul: "Pastors and their families are constantly ministering to the needs of those within their congregation and community, but who ministers to the minister?" It was clear that God had called the Elys to step out into full-time ministry to reach a many times overlooked and neglected group within the Body of Christ. This group, of course, was pastors, their spouses, and children. Recognizing this great harvest for ministry thus birthed the vision for BMI (Barnabas Ministries International).

* Barnabas Ministries International is a 501(c)3 tax exempt ministry which is recognized not only by the state of Tennessee, but also by the Federal government.  All charitable gifts are tax deductible.